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1. Caution: If flying to Florida and renting a car, be aware that Florida has recently added new toll route miles within the state - in Orlando, Tampa and especially Miami & Ft. Lauderdale.

Many rental car contracts have built-in the cost of a SunPass (tollroute transponder) but some allow you to opt out; this is often buried in the fine print and you may not be told when renting your car.

Further, if you opt out and accidentally use a toll route, many companies will add the toll charge, an administration charge and a high penalty charge to your overall rental cost.

Along Florida's Expressways provides a very simple low-cost solution to avoid all these extra costs and complications.

2. If considering a driving holiday in Florida visit our "UK 2 Florida" page. Written by ex-pat author Dave Hunter, it contains information which might surprise you. Driving on the other side of the road is not the only difference you will experience in the Sunshine State.