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How to buy our books in Canada

Along Interstate-75 - Current edition                               Along Florida's Expressways - Current edition

"Along Interstate-75" and "Along Florida's Expressways" are completely updated with new features and information every two years and may be purchased from the following Canadian sources:

At the Canadian Automobile Association From the CAA in Ontario - The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) Travel Centres in Ontario (except CAA Niagara) sell our books.   Anyone can buy them at these outlets, but CAA (and American Automobile Association - AAA) members get an excellent membership discount.
In bookstores Indigo, Chapters and Coles - usually have our books in stock, as do many other fine Ontario bookstores.
The best way to buy from a bookstore is to phone and provide the book's International Standard Book Number (also known as the "ISBN").   The staff can quickly check their computer and tell you whether a copy is in the store or can be ordered for you.
The ISBN for the current edition of Along I-75 is 978-1-896819-242; for Along Florida's Expressways it is 978-1-896819-440.

Click here for the Indigo, Chapters and Coles store locator.
Click here for a list of independent booksellers, with their phone numbers.

Buying online Online Bookstores - Our books are available at Canadian "online" bookstores.   Click on the following links to go directly to the online service's book page.

    • We do not recommend buying from   Contrary to Canadian publishing regulations, the company does not buy their stock from us. Instead, they buy it through a US distributor and ship it back to Canada. Service is 4-6 weeks.

While travelling on I-75 At I-75 Exits - You will also find our books available at I-75 businesses along the way. Each is close to an exit.     Click here for a list of locations at I-75 exits.