Where to find I-75 Ethanol - E85 Fuel Pumps

Ethanol-85 Fuel Station Listings

Car manufacturers are producing more and more "green" vehicles which will run seaminglessly on either E85 fuel - a blend of 85% ethanol & 15% unleaded gasoline - or regular unleaded gasoline. Ethanol is a clean-burning fuel produced primarily from corn and other field-grown grains. Generally, E85 fuel tends to be 16% cheaper per gallon than regular gasoline while providing an octane rating commensurable with premium gas.

In recent years, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, GM, Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz have started producing these alternative fuel vehicles, also known as Flexible Fuel Vehicles, or FFVs. The move to E85 fuel has been endorsed by President Obama but fuel stations in the I-75 corridor have been slow to take off. Here is a convenient listing (in southbound I-75 sequence) provided by our reader Tim Murphy of Windsor, Ontario, who drives to Florida in his Flexible Fuel 2008 Chrysler Sebring each year. Tim has also provided us with several useful references for those who would like to learn more about these vehicles and E-85 fuel.

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To add your E-85 fuel stops on the I-75 corridor, please email me at mile_oak@rogers.com. Include "E-85 Fuel" in the subject line.

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*** Michigan I-75 exits, in southbound sequence
      Exit 36 West (Woodhaven) - Meijer

*** Ohio I-75 exits, in southbound sequence
      Exit 193 East (Toledo) - Kroger
      Exit 181 East (Bowling Green) - Meijer
      Exit 74B West (Troy) - Meijer
      Exit 32 West (Middletown) - Meijer
      Exit 22 East (Tylersville) - Thorntons
      Exit 15 East (Sharonville) - Thorntons

*** Kentucky I-75 exits, in southbound sequence
      Exit 110 West (Lexington) - Thorntons
      Exit 87 West (Richmond) - Meijer

*** Tennessee I-75 exits (North of Knoxville), in southbound sequence
      Exit 122 East (Clinton) - Weigel

*** Tennessee I-40/I-75 exits (Knoxville Area), in southbound sequence
      Exit 379 North (Knoxville) - Pilot

*** Tennessee I-75 exits (South of Knoxville), in southbound sequence-
      None noted. Please help us add to this list.

*** Georgia I-75 exits, in southbound sequence
      Exit 350 West (Battlefield Pkwy) - Mapco
      Exit 336 West (Dalton) - Mapco
      Exit 318 West (Calhoun) - Shell
      Exit 149 East (Byron) - Fillers
      Exit 135 East (Perry) - Shell
      Exit 109 West (Vienna) - Fillers
      Exit 109 West (Vienna) - Shell
      Exit 63B East (Tifton) - Flash Foods