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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
Along Florida's Expressways - current edition
  Special note: - flying to Florida and renting a car?
Be aware that Florida has recently added new toll miles within the state. Most tolls are in areas of Orlando, Tampa, Miami & Ft. Lauderdale.

Many rental car companies have built-in the cost of a SunPass (tollroute transponder) into their contracts but some allow you to opt out; this is often buried in the fine print and you may not be told when renting your car.

Further, if you opt out and accidentally use a toll route, many companies will add the toll charge, an administration charge and a penalty surcharge to your overall rental bill.

Visitors driving their own car in Florida should be aware that cars not equipped with a SunPass but using toll routes, will be billed at a higher cost by the State's "Toll by Plate" program. The State's database contains billing information for all Canadian license plates, as well as domestic vehicles.

The new 4th edition of Along Florida's Expressways provides a simple low-cost solution to avoid all these extra expenses.
Along Florida's Expressways
4th edition
"Local Knowledge" & "Insider Information"
for all of Florida's freeways, interstates and toll-routes, including Florida's Turnpike (FTP)

by Dave Hunter
Society of American Travel Writers

Along Interstate-75 - current edition
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Are you among the millions who drive to the Sunshine State each winter? . . . or perhaps you fly in and rent a car to travel around the State.

If so, this book is for you since every expressway in Florida is covered in the book's 25 mile-per-page colored strip maps - Interstates, Freeways and Toll Routes - that's 2,025 miles!

Each 25 mile map provides all the information you need for your trip - traffic lanes, exit facilities, local road connectors, speed limits, radar locations and much, much more. All are supported with an entertaining mile-by-mile travelog describing the flora, fauna, history and geology of the roadside around you.

Here are the routes covered by Along Florida's Expressways . . .


Florida's official tourism authority,
VISITFLORIDA loves our book and uses it to provide visitor driving information at its State Welcome Centers. See VISITFLORIDA's endorsement on the book's back cover.

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