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Keep your I-75 information completely up-to-date by visiting our special Information Update website - 19th edition readers, keep your I-75 information up-to-date - go to our special Information Update website (see page 3) and read our notes - Detroit detour, major construction project news, new Georgia radar trap & closed rest areas - plus much more.

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"The most common sense travel guide ever tried"
St. Petersburg Times, Florida

"Decidedly user-friendly. It's a pleasure to encounter a travel guide so well organized so complete and so readable."
Book Review Magazine, Canada

"Your book is simply amazing!! I was dreading the long drive down but with your Insider Tips and easy-to-follow directions, it was a snap."
Lois & Ted W, London

"Your Insider Tips, restaurant and motel recommendations saved us more than twice the cost of both books. It was our first trip down I-75 to Florida. Thanks so much."
John & Sue V, Farmington Hills, MI

"I don't even care if I get down south this year, this book is such a great read. Can't wait to get it"
Dianne P, Guelph Ontario

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