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the most popular driving guides for those traveling to, from and around the "Sunshine State"

Our books don't just include maps and directions. Whether an experienced Florida traveler or a "first-timer,"
they offer a whole new travel experience for your Florida drive.

  • We provide you with complete control over your journey - a feeling of comfort, support and security while thousands of miles from home.
  • Our "direction-of-travel" coloured maps include many landmarks to constantly reinforce that you are on the right track. We list the names of our travel industry friends along the way, always ready to help our readers; we even locate the exit services ahead of you on your side of the road.
  • You'll love our mile-by-mile travelogs. We entertain you with fascinating roadside stories and information, which seem to make the trip go much faster.
  • We help plan your day. Our strip maps take 30 minutes to drive. Find your overnight stop and count the pages in between - you can now calculate the time before your day's drive ends.
  • If traffic bogs down due to an accident ahead, we provide you with mapped "escape routes" so you can safely bale out of what might be a long delay.
  • And the most valuable benefit of them all, your book gives you complete access to our Special Update website where we report major changes and unusual circumstances which might affect your drive. Remember the 2016 Tennessee rockslide or than Michigan's 2 year, 14 mile I-75 closure? We shared our special local detour maps with our current edition readers - their detour was much faster than the official state detour.

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"The most common sense travel guide ever tried"
St. Petersburg Times, Florida

"Decidedly user-friendly. It's a pleasure to encounter a travel guide so well organized so complete and so readable."
Book Review Magazine, Canada

"Your book is simply amazing!! I was dreading the long drive down but with your Insider Tips and easy-to-follow directions, it was a snap."
Lois & Ted W, London

"Your Insider Tips, restaurant and motel recommendations saved us more than twice the cost of both books. It was our first trip down I-75 to Florida. Thanks so much."
John & Sue V, Farmington Hills, MI

"I don't even care if I get down south this year, this book is such a great read. Can't wait to get it"
Dianne P, Guelph Ontario

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